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Some Best Indian HandiCrafts

Wrought Iron Peacock wall decorative

A Luxurious & modern wall art. Best Indian Handicrafts wall art decor for your wall. 

Wooden Console

Vintage wooden console. An Impeccable Home Decor with Antique finish. We furnish the best Indian Handicrafts Furniture Online.

Traditional Hand-crafted Marble Lantern

Best Traditional  Marble Lantern. A Unique table decor. We provide you with the best Indian Handicrafts Accessories for decorating your home. 

Snacks Tray

Serve your guests with our best & vintage wrought iron decorative Snacks Tray

Wooden Elephant

Antique wooden elephant. Best Wooden Decorative. Also, an Excellent Table Decor. Explore our best wooden decorative products now!

Metal Table Lamp

Beautify your table with this Vintage Table Lamp. An Uncommon table decor. 

Target Handicrafts

10 Bell Horse & Elephant

Wooden Hand-painted 10 bell Horse & Elephant

Gives a very unique look to your Table. This is used for home decor purposes and also as a wind charm. It is a very impressive product. We have a very exclusive range of The Best Wooden Home decor accessories. We provide you with the most unique and vintage products made by the most experienced artisans. Explore Now!

Featured Products

Target Handicrafts

Exclusive Wooden Console

Best Antique Wooden Console with Antique Finishing.

Gives a very unique look to your hall. This beautiful console is fully hand-carved and comes with an antique finish. This is one of our most demanding products.  We have a very wide range of the best wooden & antique furniture. Get the best antique wooden furniture made of premium quality material and by the most skilled artisans at your doorstep. Explore our wide range of best antique furniture now!

Target Handicrafts

Exclusive Metal Lamps

Metal Wall and Table Lamps

These Decorative metal lamps give a very unique look to your wall. Available in different patterns, designs, and sizes. These antique metal lamps for the bedroom, hall and guest room are very elegant and make a pretty design on the wall. Explore our wide range of Best decorative metal & brass lamps now. We have many more best metal & brass wall lamps that you can use for table decor, wall decor, and room decor. 

Unique Indian Home Decoratives

Wooden Handcrafted Elephant

Best Indian Handcrafted Elephant. Unique Indian Home Decor. Best Indian Handicrafts

Wooden Handpainted Wall Clock

Best Indian Handmade and Handpainted Wall Clock. Unique Indian Handicrafts. Vintage Crafts of India

Vintage Leather Diary with Key

Vintage Indian Handcrafted Leather Diary. Get this beautiful handmade diary now. It is a unique Indian Handicrafted vintage leather diary.

Unique Crafts of India

Metal Meenakari coated Hand-painted Cow

A unique craft of India. Traditional home Decorative cow. Best Indian Handicrafts for you.

Wooden Console

Vintage wooden console. An Impeccable Home Decor with Antique finish. We furnish the best Indian Handicrafts Furniture Online.

Traditional Hand-crafted Marble Lantern

Best Traditional  Marble Lantern. A Unique table decor. We provide you with the best Indian Handicrafts Accessories for decorating your home. 

Welcome to Target Handicrafts, your number 1 source for all Handicraft products. We’re dedicated to providing you with our wide range of hand-crafted products, with a focus to get your satisfaction with our premium quality products and service.

Founded in 2000 by Mr. Burhanuddin Khilona, Target Handicrafts has come a long way from its beginnings in Bhuwana, Udaipur. When Mr. Burhanuddin first started out, his passion for Customers Satisfaction through Premium Quality Products drove them to manufacture premium quality products.


What Is Handicrafts?

Handicrafts are amongst the oldest traditions in the world. Handicrafts are hand-made items and the most luxurious or elegant items that are mostly used for home decor purposes or for gifting purposes. Many people are fond of Hand-crafted items and always keep exploring new hand-made and decorative items around the world. Handicrafts simply mean activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand.

Target Handicrafts provides you with a very exclusive range of world-class handicrafts. We have a very unique range of all kinds of vintage and antique best hand-crafted items. You can buy our best handicrafts items online. We, produce the best hand-crafted furniture in Udaipur. Explore our wide range of Furniture products now! 

How many Types of Handicrafts are there?

There are many kinds of handicrafts worldwide for home decor and gifting purposes. In the ancient period, there were many tribal groups that manufactured different kinds of hand-crafted items including, Antiques, Art, Baskets, Paper Mache, Ceramics, Clock Making, Embroidery, Block Printing, Decorative Painting, Glass Work, Fabric, Furniture, Gifts, Home Décor, Jewellery, Leather Crafts, Metal Crafts, Paper Crafts, Pottery, Puppets, Stone, Wood Works and many more. The above-mentioned items are very few on the list of handicrafts or handmade items. Over the years, the Handicrafts industry in India has evolved and many more hand-made products are being added to the list. Target Handicrafts provides you with world-class handicrafts items. We provide you with the best traditional handicraft items online. You can get whatever you want at your doorstep. We provide you with the best Handicraft items online Hurry up, Order now, and get our best products at the best prices. Check our store now!

What is the Origin of Handicrafts?

The handicrafts industry in India prospered, during the ancient period, and continued to grow until the beginning of the British Reign in India. Before the British rule, the Indian Handicraft industry was a very huge industry worldwide. India was well-known for its premium quality handicrafts all over the world. Prior to the British rule, when the Maharaj’s ruled different parts of the country they used Indian handicrafts as the main source for decorating their large kingdoms. But with the colonial period, came a very drastic change to the Indian Handicrafts industry. The Britishers destroyed the domestic as well as international market for Unique Indian Handicrafts and that was the end of Handicrafts in Indian history back then. But after the Britishers were gone, the Indian handicrafts industry again prospered and now, Target Handicrafts is back with the same quality best Indian Handicrafts, made by the most proficient artisans. We produce the best handicrafts items online in India. We are the best Handicrafts Exporters, we export all kinds of hand-crafted items all over the world. Explore our wide range of Indian ¬†Hand-crafted decorative and ethnic gift items now and avail exclusive offers. Hurry Up!

What handicraft items we deal in?

There are many handicraft items online all over the world. We deal in all kinds of handicrafts items online. We are the best manufacturers and Handicrafts Exporters online in India. Our products are made by the most skilled artisans and are therefore liked by our customers all over the world. We have a very wide range of Handicrafts Gifts & Accessories. We deal in a very broad range of handicraft items including Wrought Iron Decoratives, Wall Art Decor, Antique Watches, Metal Meenakari Coated Animals, Marble Articles including marble statues, animals, decorative items, also Leather Diaries & Bags, and Lamps including Brass lamps and Mosaic Lamps and many more.

Where Are Your Products Manufactured?

We have our workshop situated at Sisarma, Udaipur. And we have a team with many workers who manufactures the best quality products. Our workers manufacture products as per your need so that we can satisfy you with our premium quality products. We provide you with the Best Indian Handicrafts made of premium quality products by the most skilled artisans.

Do you have any Return, refund, or replacement Policies?

We don’t prefer to have a refund or return policy but yes we do have a replacement policy. Kindly Contact Us or mail us for more information.


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Best Indian Handicrafts Online in India - Target Handicrafts

India is well-known for its Unique Handicrafts. A place where Handicrafts and handmade items were indeed born, flourished, and succeeded. Handicrafts were initially originated after The Arts and Crafts movement originated in the late 19th-century to design reform and social movement principally in Europe, North America, and Australia. But, Handicrafts came into known because of India. India was the main source of all handmade products.

Indian Handicrafts are diversified, rich in culture, heritage, and religion as the handicrafts in Indian history have remained very ethical, artistic, and renowned from the beginning. The Art of Indian Handicrafts is something that has been passed on from generation to generation. Handicrafts are not just limited to the things that we mostly use for gifting purposes or home decor. Handicrafts is a very wide and very vast industry in Indian History. It has a very special place in the History of Ancient India. The civilizations of Harappa and Mohen-Jo-Daro mostly dealt in unique handmade products of premium quality, as kings from different continents visited India just for its handicrafts. The major reason India was well-known as a Golden Bird “Sone ki Chidiya” was because of its Handicrafts. But, as every coin has two sides, the Indian Handicrafts Industry also faced depression after a fantastic boom phase. The most annihilating period for the Indian Handicrafts industry came when the Colonial period in India started, with the beginning of the British rule in India came a very drastic and immediate stop to the handicrafts industry. The low-cost and machine-made products of Britain gave a very stiff competition to the high-cost and handmade handicraft products of India. Because of its high cost and short durability handicraft industry faced many problems as people started to shift towards cheap and durable British products. This was the first time when many craftsmen had to shut their industries, the conditions were not favorable for the Indian Handicrafts industry as Britishers also forced many artisans to shut their enterprises. Export of unique Indian Handicrafts was very costly and import for cheap British good were duty-free this was also a very major reason in the downfall of Handicrafts. This is how international demand for unique and premium quality Indian Handicrafts was destroyed. Also, the domestic demand for Indian Handicrafts was destroyed for many reasons. This is how the best quality Indian Handicrafts failed against the cheap British goods. But later on, after years of the Britishers leaving India, the Best Indian Handicrafts industry again started to gain the spotlight. Gradually after many years, the unique Handicrafts of India came into being. Talking about some reports and survey’s India shelters more than 2000 million artisans and is a home for almost 3000-4000 or more types of handicrafts. At present, the Indian Handicrafts industry is showing an average growth of 20% every year. This industry is one of the most important segments of the decentralized sector in India. A major part of this industry is situated in rural and semi-urban areas. We also have our workshop situated near a village as most talented and skilled craftsmen are found in rural areas which means India is the root of Handicrafts in the world. This Industry provides huge employment opportunities to artisans that include women and people belonging to backward and weaker societies. This is one of the major factors of their income.

Target Handicrafts provides you with the same quality and unique Handicraft products online. We deliver you our best hand-crafted and elegant products. We are a Hand-crafted decorative and ethnic gift shop. You can buy our premium quality products for home decor purposes or for gifting someone. We have a very wide range of products. You can buy the best Indian Handicrafts online and we will deliver your product with complete safety at your doorstep. We are the best Handicrafts Exporters in India. We export our products all over the world. Our variety of products include Hand-crafted Gifts and Accessories containing Wooden Decoratives, Wall Art Decor, Wrought Iron Decoratives, Metal Meenakari Coated Animals, Antique Watches. Our elite Marble Collection includes Marble Statues, Animals, Gifts, Lanterns, Flower Vase, and many more. If you want to buy Unique and Vintage Lamps then visit our lamp section to get exclusive Metal & Brass Lamps and Mosaic/Turkish Lamps. If you are interested in handmade and hand-carved furniture then traverse our Antique, Metal Meena coated, White metal Coated Furniture and painted furniture, all our furniture is hand-painted and hand-carved by the most skilled artisans. If you have some interest in traveling or want some exclusive products for daily use kindly visit our Leather Articles section. We have some best quality leather articles including leather bags & diaries, keychains, leather animals, and animal faces.

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