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Wooden Teakwood King-Size bed

Made of original Teak wood, this King-size bed is something that will surely glorify your bedroom. It is made of original teak wood and fully Hand-carved with white metal coated and antique finish. Bring home this beautiful piece of teakwood furniture now! We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts. 

Teakwood Furniture

Hand-carved wooden chowki with a white metal coating. Made of original Teakwood. This is the best Rajasthani Handicrafts, it is available in many sizes. For details click the button below!

Ethnic wooden Hand-carved chair with White Metal coating and antique finish. Made of original Teakwood. Best Rajasthani Handicrafts for home decor. For details click the button below!

Traditional wooden stool with White Metal coating & antique finish. Best Rajasthani Handicrafts. Made of original Teakwood. It is available in many sizes. For details click the button below!

Welcome to Target Handicrafts, manufacturers, and exporters of Rajasthani Handicrafts Best Indian Handicrafts and Online. We’re dedicated to providing you with our wide range of Indian hand-crafted products, with a focus to get your satisfaction with our premium quality products and service.

Started in 2000 by Mr. Burhanuddin Khilona, Target Handicrafts has come a long way from its beginnings in Bhuwana, Udaipur. When Mr. Burhanuddin first started out, his passion for Customers Satisfaction through Premium Quality Rajasthani Handicrafts drove them to manufacture the premium quality products.

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Sahil VermaSahil Verma
12:41 12 Aug 22
Nice articles, very unique and reasonable place. Owner seemed to be very genuine person. Bought wall clock and a Deer head showpiece. Very Happy with my purchase. A must visit shop.
06:52 28 Mar 22
The products are really awesome..Best quality and affordable price..Unique collection and Great variety and a lot of options available.
Jeevan VagelaJeevan Vagela
13:09 24 Mar 22
Best furniture store in Udaipur. They furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts?
Devi AnanthDevi Ananth
13:16 25 Jan 22
Good and prompt service. They dont dump you with unnecessary pictures, messages and calls. Their service is to the point
Idris Khilona WalaIdris Khilona Wala
00:53 12 Sep 21
Wide range of quality products. Best Art and crafts store and gift shop in udaipur.

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Rajasthani Handicrafts Online- Target Handicrafts

Rajasthani Handicrafts are the best Handicrafts in the World”  – An Artisan.

 India is home to beautiful handicrafts and wooden crafts. A place where Handicrafts and wooden crafts were indeed born, flourished and succeeded, and because of this Indian Handicrafts have earned a worldwide reputation. 

And if we are talking about Indian Handicrafts, we just can’t neglect Rajasthani Handicrafts as the main pillars of Indian Handicrafts are Rajasthani Handicrafts. Handicrafts of Rajasthan have played a significant role in making the Indian Handicrafts industry a success. Rajasthani Handicrafts are so important in the Indian Handicrafts industry that if we consider Indian Handicrafts as a person then Rajasthani Handicrafts is the heart of it. 

The history of Handicrafts is that they were initially created after The Arts and Crafts movement originated in the late 19th-century to design and reform social movements principally in Europe, North America, and Australia. But, Handicrafts came to be known because of India. India was the main source of all handmade products. That’s why the Rajasthani Handicrafts along with the Indian Handicrafts industry is a well-known and flourishing industry in the world. Currently, Indian Handicrafts holds a very reputed position in the International market.  Indian Handicrafts are well thought of when thinking about wooden crafts and beautiful home décor. Let’s see the history of Indian Handicrafts and also Rajasthani Handicrafts in the next section. 

Indian Handicrafts are diversified, rich in culture, heritage, and religion as the handicrafts in Indian history have remained very ethical, artistic, and aesthetic from the beginning. The Art of Indian Handicrafts is something that has been passed on from generation to generation. Handicrafts are not just limited to the things that we mostly use for gifting purposes or home décor. Handicrafts is a very wide and very vast industry in Indian History. It has a very special place in the History of Ancient India. The civilizations of Harappa and Mohen-Jo-Daro mostly dealt in wooden crafts made of premium quality, as kings from different continents visited India just for Indian Handicrafts. The major reason India was well-known as a Golden BirdSone ki Chidiya” was because of its Handicrafts. In the making of Indian Handicrafts, the Handicrafts of Rajasthan or Rajasthani Handicrafts have played an important role. Indian Handicrafts became famous as artisans from Rajasthan developed many beautiful wooden crafts and displayed them in the palaces of huge kings. The kings in ancient times decorated their large palaces using special Rajasthani Handicrafts. The handmade wooden crafts of Rajasthan were very unique and aesthetic as they were purely made with the love and art of the artisans. They reflected the culture and tradition of India. So, the kings preferred decorating their palaces using the Rajasthani Handicrafts. But, as every coin has two sides, the Indian Handicrafts industry also faced depression after a fantastic boom phase. The most annihilating period for the Indian Handicrafts industry came when the Colonial period in India started, with the beginning of the British rule in India came a very drastic and immediate stop to the Indian handicrafts industry. The low-cost and machine-made products of Britain gave a very stiff competition to the high-cost and handmade handicrafts of India. Because of its high cost and short durability, the handicraft industry faced many problems as people started to shift towards cheap and durable British products. This was the first time when many craftsmen had to shut their industries, the conditions were not favorable for the Indian Handicrafts industry as Britishers also forced many artisans to shut their enterprises. Export of unique Indian Handicrafts was very costly and import for cheap British goods were duty-free; this was also a very major reason for the downfall of Indian Handicrafts. This is how international demand for unique and premium quality Indian Handicrafts was destroyed. Also, the domestic demand for Indian Handicrafts was destroyed for many reasons. This is how the best quality Indian Handicrafts failed against the cheap British goods. But later on, after years of the Britishers leaving India, the Indian Handicrafts industry along with Rajasthani Handicrafts again started to gain the spotlight. Gradually after many years, the unique Rajasthani Handicrafts of India came into being. Talking about some reports and survey India shelters more than 2000 million artisans and is a home for almost 3000-4000 or more types of handicrafts. At present, the Indian Handicrafts industry is showing an average growth of 20% every year. This industry is one of the most important segments of the decentralized sector in India. A major part of this industry is situated in rural and semi-urban areas. We also have our workshop situated near a village as most talented and skilled craftsmen are found in rural areas which means India is the root of Handicrafts in the world. This Industry provides huge employment opportunities to artisans that include women and people belonging to backward and weaker societies. This is one of the major factors of their income. 

Rajasthani Handicrafts have also come a long way, from the late 19th century to the present day modern world many things have been changed but the thing that remained the same for all the years is Rajasthani Handicrafts. Though this industry has also faced many ups and downs, it is the most flourished industry in the History of India. Rajasthani Handicrafts have worldwide fame and they are loved all around the world. The history of handicrafts is almost 5000 years old. But in the late 19th century, when Handicrafts came into being, artisans from Rajasthan developed many products that were liked by the Rajputana dynasties of that time. Many Rajputana kings used to decorate their huge palaces with exclusive and premium Rajasthani Handicrafts and that is the reason Rajasthani Handicrafts are counted in Royal and Premium products. Rajputana Dynasty at that time was very famous worldwide. Many kings from different parts of the country followed and admired Rajputana Dynasty. So, inspired by them they also started to promote Rajasthani Handicrafts through their palaces. Then slowly Rajasthani Handicrafts started gaining reputation and gradually it became the most successful industry in India. Many kings from different states, countries, and continents started decorating their palaces with royal Rajasthani Handicrafts. India became famous for its Rajasthani Handicrafts. The Handicrafts of Rajasthan gained so fame and importance that they were popularly known as ‘Treasure trove of Indian handicrafts’ because the state offers the best shopping opportunities for Rajasthani Handicrafts. Initially, Marble crafting was prevalent in Rajasthan but slowly Handicrafts Industry in Rajasthan expanded to manufacture more products and now Wood Carving work is the most elegant work you will find in Rajasthan. Udaipur is famous for wood and carving work. We provide you with the best Hand-carved Rajasthani Handicrafts. The best handicrafts in the world are Rajasthani Handicrafts. They are unique, handcrafted products that can be used as home décor. These works of art not only beautify your home but also give it a very elegant look. Rajasthani Handicrafts are hand-crafted art pieces that make your home look exquisite. These Rajasthani handicrafts beautify your home and make your home decor worth taking a look at. It gives a very elegant look to your hall, stairs, and room. And these products are made with the help of talented craftsmen that use traditional methods to make them. Target Handicrafts is one of the best sites for you to buy traditional Rajasthani handicrafts articles. We provide you with a wide range of Rajasthani handicrafts like Wooden Crafts, Rajasthani wall hangings, etc. We aim to make your home look beautiful and elegant. Everyone wants to decorate their house with Rajasthani Handicrafts, but the reason behind this is that we all think that these handicrafts are hard to find. We are here to give you that solution, the right place to get these handicrafts is Target Handicrafts. We provide you with premium quality products and unique Rajasthani Handicrafts online. Experience the premium quality home decoratives and bring home the best of our products that perfectly fit your home. We furnish the best handicrafts of Rajasthan and beautiful wooden crafts. All our products are made using premium quality material and are crafted by the most skilled artisans in the Indian Handicrafts industry. We possess a huge range of Rajasthani Handicrafts starting from small and beautiful home decor to unique wooden crafts and wooden furniture. We provide you with all the products ranging from small giveaways like small gifts that you can give to your close ones to Silver and White Metal Coated wooden hand-carved beds, sofa sets, chowkis, doors, and many more. We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts and ultimately the best Indian Handicrafts. We export our products all over the world. We manufacture the best Rajasthani Handicrafts including Decoratives | Wooden Crafts | Beautiful Home Decor | Vintage Lamps | Wooden Furniture | Rajasthani Handicrafts | Antique Furniture | Teakwood Furniture | Vintage Leather Articles. The below section contains some detailed information about our products:-

  1. Beautiful home decor and wooden crafts– Adding high-quality handcrafted decoratives to your home can satisfactorily and exceptionally characterize your living space. We generally need something unique to enrich our home. A home decor thing can add life to even the bluntest of spots. They are indeed an impression of your character. Home embellishment things can add a degree of flawlessness to your home. As made by experienced and skilled artisans, our Rajasthani Handicrafts’ beautiful home decorations and wooden crafts are remarkable. On the off chance that your table looks boring or plain, by utilizing our delightful and ethnic Rajasthani Handicrafts you can make them look enchanting. With regards to adorning your home, the main factors that you want to consider are embellishments and enhancement. Furthermore, you want to pick something which can make your home look exclusive, and can add a special touch to your home. That is the reason there isn’t anything better than our best and high-quality handcrafted decoratives and Rajasthani Handicrafts. Our conventional home decorative items or wooden crafts are our most vintage and elite innovations, made by the most skillful craftsmen. Our huge range of handcrafted home decoratives and ethnic gift items are made of premium quality material and are liked by our customers. The moment you intend to purchase a home decorative item online your body feels comfortable as you currently don’t need to move between various stores looking for your preferred item. You can without much of a stretch get whatever satisfies your eye at simply the click of a mouse button and that is additionally from the straightforwardness and comfort of your home. Purchase an enriching thing for home decoration or a perfect item for gifting your friends or family online from us. We@Target Handicrafts provide you with premium quality Rajasthani Handicrafts, Home decor items, and wooden crafts that you can give to your beloved ones. We possess the best quality wooden crafts made of original Kadam Wood. Crafted by skilled artisans in the Indian Handicrafts industry. Also, our collection of beautiful home decor includes meenakari enamel animals. Fully Hand-painted by professional craftsmen. We have a very huge range of wooden crafts and beautiful table decor items that are made of premium quality material by the most experienced artisans of Udaipur. We furnish the best Rajasthani handicrafts. As an Indian crafts store online, we provide you with Rajasthani Handicrafts, wooden crafts, and beautiful decorative items that perfectly fit your home. All our products are Vintage and give a very elegant look. Experience the perk of premium quality products and enhance your home decoration with our elite Rajasthani Handicrafts. 

1.1 Wooden Decoratives– Encounter our wide range of handmade wooden crafts made of original Kadam wood and crafted by the best craftsmen. You can use them for home decor or you can also gift them to your loved ones. Wooden crafts are the most preferred as they are very unique and beautiful. Since India is famous for its wooden crafts, we furnish the best out of it to provide you with premium quality products. The wood we use in our wooden crafts is original Kadam wood, which can even be placed in a mandir. All our products are fully hand-carved and are crafted by the best artisans. We offer you premium quality Rajasthani Handicrafts with the best craftsmanship. Our beautiful Rajasthani Handicrafts and wooden crafts include:-

  • Wooden Kadamwood Elephant
  • Elephant with Jali cutting Work
  • Horse with Jali Cutting work
  • Ambawadi Elephant
  • Camel with Jali cutting Work
  • Gemstone Decorated Elephant
  • Hand-painted Elephant 

And many more. Explore now!

1.2 Metal Meenakari Enamel Animals– How we enrich our home is our love towards it since our home decor theme shows our creativity and also says a ton about our character. With our perfect Rajasthani Handicrafts home decoratives, you can make your home can look more aesthetic. The point of decorating is to create the background for the best life you can have. With our traditional metal meenakari enamel animals, you can make your table/showcase look more attractive. So, go on, purchase our beautiful home decor items now. Made using premium quality material and crafted by the best artisans. By decorating your home with our meenakari enamel animals you’re providing your home with a traditional and aesthetic look. Our meenakari enamel animals are traditional Rajasthani Handicrafts that are furnished utilizing the best quality metal over which meenakari work is been embedded. You will mostly see this meenakari work over Jewelry items and accessories. Our beautiful home decoratives and Rajasthani Handicrafts are crafted by the best craftsmen in the entire Industry. Our variety of traditional Rajasthani Handicrafts includes:-

  • Metal Meenakari Enamel Horse
  • Metal Meenakari Enamel Camel
  • Metal Meenakari Enamel Elephant
  • Metal Meenakari Enamel Trunk-Up Elephant
  • Metal Meenakari Enamel Ambawadi Elephant
  • And many more. Explore now!
  1. Vintage Lamps– Lighting is a particularly significant part of any house. We generally fail to realize that when we look for our furnishings, goods, and home decor, our lights are likewise truly significant. Imagine a perfectly decorated house, enlightened using a simple and boring tube light that is white? We shiver even thinking about it. We should understand that the things we have can’t and won’t look however perfect as they seem to be, in case they are not enlightened by the right sort of light. The right sort of light means the one that perfectly corresponds with your walls and decor. The right lighting installation similar to your home decor theme is very important as the look of your room is decided by the lighting you have used. So, to help you figure out this issue, Target Handicrafts provides you with the best Vintage Moroccan Lamps. Fully Hand-crafted and furnished by the most skilled artisans. We are the manufacturers and exporters of Rajasthani Handicrafts and so we provide you with the best of our vintage lamps. You can decorate your wall with our unique Rajasthani Handicrafts. Our lamps match perfectly with all kinds of walls and decor. For your ease, we have categorized our lamps into 3 categories- 1. Table Decorative Lamps. 2. Wall Hanging Lamps. 3. Wall Mounted Lamps

2.1 Table Decorative Lamps– To decorate your table, we furnish the best vintage Moroccan table lamps. Our decorative table lamps are made utilizing the best quality metal and are crafted by the best craftsmen. We provide you with the best quality Rajasthani Handicrafts. Our beautiful table lamps are very unique and vintage, you can place them on your bedside table, corner table, center table, and many more. These decorative beautiful table lamps are designed and crafted by expert artisans. We furnish the best Indian Handicrafts. We are the manufacturers of Rajasthani Handicrafts. All our lamps are based on Turkish and Moroccan patterns to give your table an elegant look. Check out the decorative table lamps section and get the best that matches your table. Explore now!

2.2 Wall Hanging Lamps– Experience the perfect wall decor with our beautifully crafted vintage Moroccan wall hanging lamps. We furnish the most vintage wall hanging lamps made of the best quality metal and crafted by the industry’s best artisans. Decorating the walls is very essential as plain and boring walls do not define perfect home decor. Check out our vintage lamps section for all kinds of wall lamps that you can hang in your hall or room. Crafted by the best artisans we provide you with these vintage hanging lamps online. All our lamps are based on Moroccan patterns and are made utilizing the best quality metal. You can hang them on any wall, they will surely brighten it up. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and enhance the beauty of your walls with our best Rajasthani Handicrafts. Explore our Indian Handicrafts. Click here to get into the world of beautiful vintage lamps. 

2.3 Wall Mounted Lamps– Now it’s time to talk about our vintage wall-mounted lamps. Based on the Moroccan/Turkish pattern our wall-mounted lamps are somewhat very unique and different. You might get many lamps online by simply searching best vintage metal lamps online and we also furnish the same, so what makes us different? The factors that make us different from others are the work on it, then its durability, and finally craftsmanship. We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts, made of the best quality metal and crafted by expert artisans. We furnish the best metal lamps, that are fully handmade and unique. Our lamps are durable and include fine carving work. Carving on metal is the most tedious job yet we provide you with the best products. Traverse through our wide range of Rajasthani Handicrafts including vintage wall-mounted lamps now and get the best one that fits your wall and matches your decor needs. Explore now!

3. Wooden Furniture- Wooden Furniture is among the most essential components of a home and as a general rule a genuine impression of individuals residing in it. From the style of bed to the shade of the seats, every detail has a colossal effect, which is the reason picking the right furniture for your house is fundamental. If you’re confused about where to get the best wooden furniture from. We have quite recently the answer for you. Target Handicrafts, manufactures of Rajasthani Handicrafts and an online wooden furniture store, home to outstanding hand-carved wooden teak wood furniture for your home and office including the hall, living room, guest room, dining room, office furniture, and more. We are a well-established furniture manufacturer and supplier of Rajasthani Handicrafts, located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We offer an extensive range of the best wooden furniture online that is designed using the finest quality material, crafted from experienced craftsmen. Entrust us with your home furniture needs and admire admittance to premium quality wooden hand-carved furniture produced using original Teakwood. So, next time you look for wooden furniture online, come to Target Handicrafts, where you get the best wooden hand-carved furniture that’ll enhance your home decor. We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts, our products are hand-carved by skilled craftsmen. We have categorized our wooden furniture into 3 types:- 

3.1 Wooden Antique FurnitureWooden Antique furniture gives a different sight of your hall when they are merged with modern colors, materials, and art, it brings out the real beauty of your home. Assuming you live in a palace, that you have decorated fully and with the best quality wooden crafts. But your hall does not match that level, then what to do? Have you ever thought about how your hall looks to your guests in that case? Don’t worry, to help you solve this issue Target Handicrafts, manufacturers of Rajasthani Handicrafts, provides you with the best quality Wooden Antique Furniture. We furnish the best wooden furniture online. To decorate your home to its best we provide you with our wooden antique furniture. We are home to a wide range of modern furniture online from a small stool to a king-size bed, which we provide you all of our Rajasthani Handicrafts. Check our wide range of best wooden antique furniture now, we deal only in quality products as your satisfaction is our success. Explore our wide range of best Rajasthani Handicrafts now. All our modern furniture is made of Original Sheesham Wood. We guarantee you the best craftsmanship and no mixing. Our products are original and pure. We furnish the Rajasthani Handicrafts and best modern wooden furniture including:-

  • Antique Painted Chair
  • Center Table
  • Modern King size bed
  • Antique Wooden Console
  • Dining Table
  • Stools
  • Living Room Cabinet
  • Hand-carved Chair
  • And many more. Visit now!

3.2 Wooden Meenakari Coated Furniture- Meenakari is an old-age art of Rajasthani Handicrafts that was invented by royal craftsmen in our Indian subcontinent centuries back. It was a famous Indian Handicrafts back then. It involves laying metal sheets on wooden furniture and accessories and then delicately etching them to create beautiful patterns and geometric shapes. It was mostly done over wooden furniture and by the best artisans of that time. Wooden meenakari-coated furniture is a unique art of wood coating. We provide the best meenakari furniture online. All our Rajasthani Handicrafts are made using the best quality material and we manufacture chowki, stool, swings, bed, dining table, etc fully coated with meenakari artwork. We are a renowned wooden furniture manufacturing company, located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We design and manufacture Rajasthani Handicrafts using the best quality material to ensure top-notch performance. Our products are fully handmade, each piece is individually crafted by expert hands using traditional techniques which are passed on through generations. We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of meenakari furniture online. We aim to provide you with unique Rajasthani Handicrafts that stands out from the crowd. Whether it is for your living room, bedroom, or dining area, our product collection has something for everyone. Our fully handcrafted Rajasthani Handicrafts are designed to last a lifetime. All crafted by master artisans, our amazing furniture can turn any home into a stunning showpiece. We offer a wide selection of modern and traditional wooden furniture that you can use as dining room chairs or coffee tables. Our wooden meenakari-coated furniture is available online at the best price. We offer the best meenakari furniture online. Our wooden furniture is designed and developed to suit the needs of the modern-day lifestyle. We bring to you a wide range of Rajasthani Handicrafts like dining tables, chowki, swings, etc that are aesthetically designed and offer unmatched comfort while sitting. The materials used in manufacturing our products are original and sourced from reputed vendors and are quality checked before the final dispatch. We manufacture the best Rajasthani Handicrafts. Explore now!

3.3 Wooden Teakwood White Metal Coated Hand-carved Furniture- Teakwood is one of the finest kinds of wood. It is the best hardwood available in India. Teakwood is widely used for making doors, window frames, and furniture. The most unique feature of teakwood furniture is that it is durable. It remains new for more than 10-15 years if it’s properly taken care of. Wooden Teakwood is the leading category of hand-carved furniture in India. We are a manufacturer of teak wood furniture online. We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts. Our products are unique and attractive to decorate your living room or bedroom. Teakwood is a very durable wood which can easily be used for construction purposes and therefore there is no need to worry while using our Rajasthani Handicrafts furniture, they will surely last long. Moreover, all the items we sell are hand-carved by the best craftsmen using original teakwood and therefore each item has its uniqueness in terms of design, quality, and workmanship. Made of original Teakwood and crafted by the best craftsmen, fully Hand-carved, and perfect for home decor our beautiful wooden furniture is to decorate your home. We manufacture Rajasthani Handicrafts including beds, dining tables, chowki, stools, consoles, swings, and more. We have our workshop and we are the manufacturers of teakwood furniture. Our Rajasthani Handicrafts are fully hand-carved. We offer our products at competitive prices to all our customers across the world. We are the leading manufacturers of Indian handicrafts. Our furniture is crafted by skilled artisans who have been practicing their art for generations. The result is a collection of Rajasthani Handicrafts that covers all your needs at affordable prices. It is made from highly durable Teakwood, which adds beauty to your home while being cost-effective. The range of teakwood furniture online offered by us includes chairs, stools, dining tables, sofas, beds, chowkis, etc. Explore now!

  1. Vintage Leather Articles- The trend of decorating home with antique leather articles is growing at a fast pace. So, we have come up with a vintage collection Rajasthani Handicrafts including leather articles that are unique and different from the rest. Our vintage leather decorations and accessories are made using original buffalo leather, which not only makes them durable but also gives them an antique appeal. We offer wall and table decor leather articles that you won’t find elsewhere. Our products are designed by professionals who have an eye for perfection and quality. They are crafted out of genuine buffalo leather, sourced from the historic tanneries in Rajasthan. The designs are unique and different from each other, giving you the freedom to pick the one that best suits your home décor. We offer a special wall hanger that makes it easy to hang our products on any surface without damaging them. Our vintage leather articles are made of authentic full-grain buffalo leather. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans and thus retain the beautiful marks, scars, and imperfections that result from years of use. These items can be used as wall decor or table decor. Our all-natural buffalo leather articles are crafted by skilled artisans using original, unadulterated buffalo leather. The materials and the process used to make these handcrafted wall decoratives and table decorations are environmentally friendly and there is no harm to animals. We are a leading supplier of vintage leather articles. Our collection of Rajasthani Handicrafts features both wall and table decor pieces for homes and offices. These are made from original buffalo leather by skilled artisans who have years of experience in this domain. Each piece is unique, different, and handcrafted from the highest quality amd original materials that ensure durability. We offer a wide range of vintage leather articles that are skillfully handmade by our artisans. These products include handmade leather bags, journals, wall art, and other decoratives. Our Rajasthani Handicrafts are made from authentic buffalo leather and are guaranteed to last for decades with proper maintenance. We provide you with the best Rajasthani Handicrafts. Elevate any room with our wide range of vintage leather articles. Made from original buffalo leather, these handmade goods are made by skilled artisans for a truly unique look. The perfect combination of modern and classic design makes these products ideal for both your home and office decor. Are you tired of seeing the same old things in your house? Be it wall hangings, mirrors, or those table decor items – they are all a little boring to look at. We have the perfect solution for you! Get our vintage leather articles and decorate your house with original and unique pieces. Crafted by skilled artisans out of authentic buffalo leather, these pieces are sure to add an interesting touch to any room of your house. We are an authentic online store that manufactures Rajasthani Handicrafts and specializes in handmade leather wall hangings. We have a wide range of different products that you can choose from. We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts. So, check out our website now and get your very own vintage leather article! We have categorized our leather articles into 2 categories:-

4.1 Vintage Leather Wall and Table Decoratives- Vintage Leather Wall and Table Decoratives is a collection of unique and different leather decoratives handmade from original buffalo leather that you can use to decorate your walls or tables. It comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that will surely fit the ambiance of any room. Whether you have a rustic or modern home, these vintage leather decoratives will surely give your house that kick it needs to be extraordinary. We have the most beautiful and elegant Rajasthani Handicrafts wall and table decor on our website. Each is handmade from original buffalo leather to give you the best quality. These are perfect for gifting purposes and for your office or home wall decor as well, giving it a stylish look with classic appeal. Vintage leather decoratives are the best kind of decoration for your home or office. It is made up of high-quality original and reliable material that enables it to add a special touch to your wall and table. Our Rajasthani Handicrafts will surely be the most amazing ones you can ever find on the market. We have a wide range of leather decoratives that are made out of genuine buffalo leather. These are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, which makes each one unique. The entire collection is perfect for wall and table decor and can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking for the Vintage Leather Wall and Table Decoratives, then you’ve reached the right place. We offer various Rajasthani Handicrafts wall decor and table decor from a wide range of colors, styles, and designs that are sure to meet your needs. Our products are handmade by skilled artisans using premium quality leather that is durable and long-lasting. We provide vintage leather decoratives like wall decor, table decorations, leather key chains, etc. The product is made of original buffalo leather by skilled craftsmen. The handmade items are perfect for home decor and gifting purposes. We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts. Explore now to get the best one that fits your wall and table. 

4.2 Vintage Leather Journals and Bags- Are you an introvert? Do you wish to take your writing skills to a whole new level? If yes, then our vintage leather journals are just what you need. These notebooks are perfect for those who want to express their feelings and also for those who are planning to start a business, for those who are travelers and explorers, and for the ones who prefer writing as a daily habit. A perfect blend of old-world craftsmanship and modern technology, our amazing collection of journals comes in a variety of colors, textures, and shades. They are crafted with original buffalo leather that makes them strong and durable to use for many years to come. If you are looking for unique and different leather journals, then Target Handicrafts, manufacturer of Rajasthani Handicrafts is the right place. We have a variety of vintage leather journals that are perfect to begin writing with. The journal can be used to write down all your thoughts and ideas and keep yourself busy while traveling or sitting idle at home. They are handmade from scratch and crafted by skilled craftsmen who have been in this trade for generations. Pen down all your thoughts and ideas, start writing your emotions and feelings or just keep a diary of your life. Get our Vintage Leather Journals now! A perfect tool for writers and lovers of vintage things. These leather journals are the best choice for you to write your emotions and feelings, they will give you a new perspective on your life. Target Handicrafts, manufacturers of Rajasthani Handicrafts, is one of the leading online stores to buy vintage leather journals, handmade leather bags, and a variety of other products. We offer buffalo leather journals and handmade leather notebooks that are popular among students and professionals who want to use these for their journaling needs. We specialize in the manufacture of vintage leather bags as well. Our products are made from the original buffalo leather that makes our products last longer, more durable, and resistant to tear. Each product is made with special attention to each detail. You can get now our genuine handmade leather journals as well as other different models of bags, belts, and wallets. We furnish the best Rajasthani Handicrafts.

With our vintage leather journals, you can start writing your emotions and feelings. Write down all your thoughts and ideas in a beautiful leather journal – crafted by skilled craftsmen for years to come. This journal is perfect for the one who loves to pen down their emotions on paper. For an individual like you who loves to write and read, we highly recommend these journals. These journals are made of original buffalo leather which is 100% natural. Moreover, it is crafted by skilled craftsmen in the traditional way using handmade tools. Each journal page has a unique texture which makes it look very different from others thus giving you a feel of old times. The pages we use are made of khadda Paper, a left out material from the garments industry. Our vintage leather journals are refillable, so you can add as many pages as you wish. All our journals are hand-stitched and are crafted by the best artisans. We offer you Rajasthani Handicrafts with premium craftsmanship. Experience now and get the best of our Rajasthani Handicrafts. Explore now!

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