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Wooden Kadam Wood Hand-carved Dhola Maru | Wooden Table Decortative | Best Table Decor | Best Gift Online

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Name Wooden Kadam Wood Hand-carved Dhola Maru
Material Kadam Wood
Colour  Brown
Size (in inches)
Size (in Cms) 15 
Ideal for Home Decor | Table Decor | Office Table Decor | Gifting
Carving Work Hand-carving Work
Dispatching Time 7 Days


  • We will dispatch this wooden hand-carved Dhola Maru within 6-7 days working days.
  • This unique wooden hand-carved Dhola Maru is completely handmade so there might be some slight difference between the real product and its picture.
  • Since it is complete handwork no two pieces will be the same.


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Wooden Kadam Wood Hand-carved Dhola Maru. Dhola Maru is a famous love story of Rajasthan. Two lovers Dhola and Maru were immensely in love with each other there were disputes in their life. There are many different versions of their story that you can find on the net. Dhola Maru is a story of two lovers. The love story of Dhola and Maru was very popular in Rajasthan, India and this wooden dhola maru is a symbol of love. Gift it to your loved ones and cherish the moments with them forever. The love story of Dhola Maru has been a favorite in Rajasthan for centuries. It is one of the most popular folklores and has been passed down from generation to generation. No version of the story is quite alike, but all have the same core message – that true love can overcome even the strongest obstacles.


This Dhola Maru idol is carved using original Kadam wood. Kadam wood is the best option for carving and painting as it has all the necessary properties of a perfect material for idols, especially in making Rajasthani idols such as dhola maru. This beautiful Dhola Maru figure is available in our store. It is made from Kadam wood and hand-carved by the finest craftsmen of India. This is a handcrafted wooden Dhola Maru figure made from Kadam wood. Made by skilled craftsmen, it is painted with bright colors and has intricate work on the clothes of the couple that makes it look very attractive. It would be a great gift for someone who loves Rajasthani culture.

Dhola Maru is an Indian folktale, depicting the tragic love story of Rajasthani lovers, Dhola and Maru. This is a beautiful Dhola Maru figure made of Kadam wood. It is a symbol of love and pure romance. The carving work on this wooden sculpture is done by the best artisans in the industry. The camel figure is carved on wood and two people Dhola and Maru are sitting on the Camel. They have a sword, one flower, and one spear. Beautifully crafted it is the perfect item that can be gifted to your close ones.


Following are some of the features of this beautiful figurine-

  • Made of original Kadam wood
  • Carved by the expert artisans
  • Perfect item for gifting
  • Based on the love story of Dhola and Maru
  • Symbol of Love
  • A Rajasthani Culture figure
  • Perfect for someone who loves Rajasthani Culture


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